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Shop Build Update

The much anticipated shop build is coming!
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Did you know we're building a new shop next to my house?  I announced this project a while ago but some design details have delayed the project a bit.  I wanted to share at least a little bit of an update though.

Current design is ~1,000 sq ft of shop/bathroom space.  The design includes a porch on one side that will eventually have an outdoor kitchen to use by the pool (also being installed). The attic space of the shop will have some storage rooms built in, which I'll use to partially house some utilities like an air compressor and dust collector.  I even have an overhead hoist built into the design so that I can pick up heavy things in the shop OR out of the bed of my truck.

I'm excited to get this project going but I'm still getting over a bit of sticker shock of the build prices...any guesses?  I will of course be open and transparent during the upcoming build series.  Make sure you're subscribed if you're not already!

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