About Us


My name is Travis and I've enjoyed making things my entire life. I've always been obsessed with creating new things, understanding how things work, and learning about new ways to do things. I've been lucky enough to have some great creative influences in my life including my parents and my uncle Ron. I grew up watching them design, make, create, and build all kinds of things. I think this is what makes me think that I can create whatever I put my mind to.

I'm a firm believer that the space you work in has a huge influence on your mindset as a maker, woodworker, doer - whatever the heck you want to be called. A workspace should, at a minimum, enable but also should inspire and invigorate. I am pursuing a dream of mine to build out an incredible workshop where I can be free to create, build, or fix...ANYTHING! I view my shop as a giant sandbox full of possibilities - so should you! I'm continuing down a path of learning but want to share with fellow makers around the world. I invite you to join Shop Nation to walk alongside me as I pursue shop greatness!


To not only share my journey in the pursuit of Shop Greatness with like-minded individuals but also to develop products that make achieving it easier.

The workshop is a sacred place that (should) allows us to relax, unwind, and pursue our passions. A messy or unorganized space does just the opposite. It is my mission to make Shop Greatness available to anyone!