Frequently asked questions

Wondering where your order is? How long does it take to ship? Do you have a solution for my saw model?

We are a small company which means the processing and production times for most of our products is 2-5 business days from the date you placed your order.

We do have several products with an extended lead time which is shown right below the "quantity" on the product page. If you're curious if the product you ordered has an extended lead time, head over to that page and check!

Don't use the SHOP app! It gives confusing and often misleading information.

Once your order ships (see above for expected processing times) you will receive an email with the tracking number. If a long time has passed (and your product doesn't have an extended lead time stated on the product page) then shoot us a message! We're here to help.

We have a long product development roadmap and are constantly evaluating customer requests. Our current products cover a spectrum of tool makes/models - however we've found that, in general, they cannot work on models not listed in the product description.

If you are curious about your specific saw model, simple search for it (upper right corner of the webpage, next to the envelope). For example, if you have a Dewalt DW708 sliding miter saw, type in "DW708". You will see there are no results which means we don't have a solution for that (yet)! We've tagged all of the makes/models that work with our products.

The new products "on deck" will be featured at the bottom of the product listing pages, where you can sign up for a notification list for their release.

All products are made in Ohio at our 3D Print farm facility. We try to source everything we can from the US but there are a couple of accessories/hardware parts that are sourced from overseas.

Our goal is to move to 100% made in the USA at some point!

We are not set up for custom parts or requests. I would urge you to look into Mass Additive ( for custom printing jobs. He's a good friend of mine with a broad knowledge of 3D printing and manufacturing.

I'm always open to learning about needs in the workshop and beyond! I'd be more than happy to hear about a product request or idea. Shoot me an email!

We have a 30-day return window for products still in new condition. For products ordered in error (non-compatible) the buyer is responsible for return postage.

If you are un-satisfied for any reason please reach out! We are here to help and are very accommodating in most cases.

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