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Did you know I have a 2nd YouTube channel?

If you like 3D Printing or want to learn how to build or grow a profitable 3D printing business - check out Print Farm Academy!
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That's right, I launched the "Print Farm Academy" YouTube channel in early May 2024 to create a place to focus on 3D printing content - specifically the business of 3D printing.  If you like the idea of starting a 3D printing business you should check it out! Print Farm Academy

I'm also launching a course in October 2024 to teach anyone to start or grow a 3D printing business.  I've taken everything I've learned over my 5 years of building this business and combined it with the knowledge I've gained from others doing the same.  What I'm hoping to teach is a system for anyone to replicate 3D printing success without having to suffer through the learning curve.

Print Farm Academy Course

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